After Las Vegas and Shanghai, Bradley Cooper wants to visit the Time Tombs. This trip would be sans Wolf Pack.

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, actor Bradley Cooper revealed that he teamed up with a friend to write a spec adaptation of author Dan Simmons’ Hyperion, part of a series of futuristic sci-fi novels. They already sent their version to GK Films, with the hope of landing the actual writing gig. That takes some real nerd balls, right there.

[post-album postid="211753" item="12"]The book is about seven pilgrims traveling across the galaxy, with the threat of total galactic armageddon looming. Can they make it to Hyperion and save humanity? Can they? We'll have to see the movie to find out, though the project's been in development for years. Or, y'know, read the book, but it's +450 pages and I'm lazy. (/Film)