Vitalii Sediuk, the gross asshole who kissed Will Smith and tried to see what America Ferrera has been hiding beneath her traveling pants, has struck again. The Ukrainian "journalist" hopped the barricade at the Maleficent premiere and broke the ninth rule of Fight Club: no touching Brad Pitt.

Pitt was signing autographs for fans when he was reportedly punched in the face by Sediuk, who was then wrestled to the ground. The actor was unfazed and returned to his fans while probably assuming this was just another hilarious prank by George Clooney.

It's interesting timing that this would happen in a week where Hollywood has been accused of being a complicit party to the violence at UCSB, and a reminder that we're never safe from the actions of twisted individuals when in the public space. Sediuk has a history of disrespecting the privacy of celebrity genitals and if his actions incite copy cats, things could easily get out of control. You are in some way to blame for this, Soy Bomb. (CNN)