Looks like being trapped underground for two months is finally starting to pay off. Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment is negotiating to buy the film rights for the story of the Chilean miners. It's not hard to believe that a Hollywood big shot would want to bring such a dramatic true life event to the big screen, but The Wrap also reports that the miners are negotiating roles for themselves. They've been flooded with proposals, but "want to create a holding company to equally distribute proceeds from their story before signing the deal with Plan B."

This will truly be a harrowing tale about 33 actors who turned to a life of mining for the dream of making it in Tinsel Town was just that; a dream. Now after a cataclysmic event, they finally have the opportunity to show the world that they can make it in Hollywood. Next year the Oscar Best Actor category is going to need to expand its accepted nominees by 28. It's Chile's time to reign.