Producers Brad Fuller and Andrew Form have cultivated a career remaking horror films under the tutelage of Michael Bay. Remaking a film beloved by fans is always a risky maneuver, unless it's an all-child version of Scarface. Platinum Dunes has drawn the ire of fan boys and horror zealots with their take on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Friday the 13th. They're next effort, A Nightmare on Elm Street, is already being maligned. With that in mind they've decided to change their game by stepping away from ruining childhoods and move into ruining graphic novels. Fuller tells Dread Central:

"The studio has decided to move forward and look for new types of material, which is how we got involved with Existence 2.0. I love action-y type material, and these graphic novels had that feel to them. Our writers are currently working on the script for that project.

Does that mean they are done with horror entirely? More after the jump.


We still aren’t sure what’s going to happen with the Friday the 13th sequel. Since Chainsaw is now in the hands of Twisted, that means we’re done with Leatherface now. The studio has decided to move forward and look for new types of material...We’ve made the decision to not pursue any new horror projects beyond what we’re planning for the upcoming remake of The Monster Squad. For that film we will be aging the Monster Squad up a bit so that it’s relatable to today’s audiences, but it will still very much be in the same spirit as the original. And, of course, The Wolfman will still have nards,

Sure, their remakes haven't always been up to snuff, but you have to admit the visual updates on our favorite maniacs have been really cool. And it seems that they're aware of this and really putting their best foot forward for Elm Street.

Honestly, we are sweating it out with Nightmare, probably more than any of the other films we’ve ever done. We made it our mission to do everything in our power to deliver with Nightmare on Elm Street. What we’ve come to realize is that you just can never replace those feelings you have the first time you see the original Nightmare or the original Friday the 13th. Platinum Dunes is not trying to replace those memories for anyone because we have them, too, as fans.
Since we’re horror fans, and fans especially of the Nightmare franchise, that limited our ability to just throw everything out the window and start fresh with our re-envisioning of Nightmare. There are so many landmark moments in the first one that we needed to make sure we keep in ours but still have enough in there that will keep the audience guessing.

My fingers are firmly crossed that Elm Street scores a win and pleases audiences. Seems like his heart is in the right place, just as Wolfman's nards are.