BP Oil Rig Explosion To Become A Movie, (Spoiler Alert) OIL EVERYWHERE!

Tuesday, March 8 by

The demise of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig will be the subject of a feature film after Summit and Participant have picked up the rights to a New York Times article detailing the final hour of the doomed rig and the workers on it. The article (read it here) is a detailed account of the catastrophe that took place aboard the manned rig on April 20, 2010.

The nature of the story, lends itself well to a disaster-film treatment, as over 110 people survived the explosion, but 11 perished on the rig and in the ocean. Screenwriter Matthew Sand will pen the script, which will focus on the moments leading up to the explosion and the fallout from it. It is said to focus on the heroism of both the survivors and those who died by staying and rescuing others.

Sounds like Hollywood couldn’t script a more compelling story if they tried. It will be interesting to see, with the large number of survivors, if this is played as doomed tale like Titanic or focuses more optimistically on the survivors a la Armageddon. If they could get the CEO of BP apologizing profusely, or perhaps fictionalizing the story enough so that he blows up, that would probably be ok with most viewers too. (Coming Soon)

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