Boyle’s Not Scared Of Werewolves With ‘Sharp Teeth’

Monday, February 7 by

Director Danny Boyle, fresh off his Oscar-baiting, limb-slicing, Franco-starring biopic 127 Hours, is thinking of returning to unconventional monster territory nine years after his terrifying zombie film 28 Days Later. Boyle is considering teaming up with his Slumdog Millionaire collaborator, writer Simon Beofoy on an adaptation of Toby Barlow’s long form poem “Sharp Teeth.” The poem is about East Los Angeles gang members who are also shape-shifting were-dogs. And they say there are no more original ideas! Says Beaufoy of the potential Boyle collaboration:

“If I write it well enough, he’ll direct it,” Beaufoy told BBC America. “It’s a very extraordinary mix of gangland Los Angeles—Compton, the Watts Towers area—really, really rough, a lot of shootings. And the difference with this particular piece of work is that these gangs can shape-shift at will into packs of dogs. So it’s a police procedural mixed with a werewolf film. If you get it wrong, it’s a disaster. If you get right, it will be extraordinary.”

Sounds like a real gamble, but an interesting one at that. The film has been compared to Boyz in the Hood, so I would like to make the humble casting suggestion of Ice Cube as every single character. And if Boyle really wants to be generous, he’ll cut off his arm at the end. (The Playlist)

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