Ben Younger hasn't been much of a mainstay in Hollywood since he made a splash writing and directing the sleazy stock-broker study Boiler Room in 2000, stepping away to spend most of his time on his newest obsession: auto racing.

Ever since Ben Affleck gifted Younger a motorcycle after his feature debut, Younger has had racing on the brain, stepping back into the director's chair only once in 2005 Meryl Streep film Prime, to little fanfare. It looks like it has taken the world of racing to get him back behind the camera (and penning the script), with a big-budget racing film that he refers to as "a $150 million movie." Warner Bros. has yet to confirm that statement, but they have yet to deny it either.

This is hardly a fluke. Younger and Warner Bros. have been dancing around a racing film for quite some time. Younger came to them with the auto racing story Isle of Man, to which they countered, saying that they wanted him for other racing project Formula One. And now they've landed on a third racing pic, this one untitled.

Man, this guy was really holding out for a racing movie, wasn't he? (THR)