Followers of Bobcat Goldthwait's career as a director and comedian know that he's right at home in the world of pitch-black comedy. For instance, his last movie, World's Greatest Dad, is a comedy about a father who capitalizes on his son's accidental death by autoerotic asphyxiation (look it up) for fame and fortune. So the premise for his next movie, God Bless America, isn't as surprising as it might sound - it's about Bobcat-aged guy who catches a "My Super Sweet 16"-like program on MTV and “drives 400 miles and kills that girl.” And in a scarily believable development, he gets away with it, and starts murdering other deserving targets across the USA.

Presumably these targets will be other miscreants he's seen on television, which makes me miss Billy Mays more than ever. Maybe he'll go after the Slap-Chop guy. (via The AV Club)