Bloom Back To Period Pieces in ‘Laureate’

Friday, January 28 by

Orlando Bloom, whose bread and butter includes traipsing around English countrysides in robes and chain mail, has been out of the spotlight of starring roles for a few years, but he’s about to reclaim his throne as the king of lushly photographed period pieces in writer/director William Nunez’s “The Laureate.”

Bloom will play poet Robert Graves, and the film will focus on Graves’ relationship with two women: Artist Nancy Nicholson (Kerry Condon) and American poet Laura Riding (Imogen Poots). Apparently the writer had an open relationship with the two women, and they all lived together for quite some time, until Graves began to like Riding better. Pun intended? Sure, why not.

The actor, who’s been relatively absent from prominent feature films for the last few years, seems to be back, both with this film and Paul W.S Anderson’s new Three Musketeers, as well as a rumored return to the role of Legalos in Peter Jacksons upcoming The Hobbit. He also seems to be back in time too, as all these films are period pieces. I’d like to show him an iPad and see if he gets scared. “AAAH, future man!” he’d say. Me and Bloom, boy do we have fun. (The Playlist)

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