The nude photos of actress Blake Lively that have been floating around the Internet are now being denounced as fakes. Of course, the denouncement is coming from Lively's publicist, so take it for what it's worth. But honestly, at this point, I'm surprised Lively's camp is even bothering to comment. Are they worried that this could somehow hurt her career? It's 2011. Real or fake, who gives a damn about some blurry cell phone pics of a naked blond starlet? In a world where HD pornography is freely available at the touch of a button, I, for one, do not.

Perhaps there was a time when a nude photo might have damaged an actress's career. But any remnants of that period were swept away the day a shitty rapper named Ray Jay put his fear of herpes aside and took a dip in Kim Kardashian's squalid innards. To be fair, we can take the way-back machine even further, to 2003, when a bright-green Paris Hilton went down on a degenerate gambler for all the world to see. And as early as the late 90's, Hep C poster child Pam Anderson was busy videotaping her self with different rock stars. Keep in mind, this was when Clinton was still in office, and most people were still using dial up modems and conventional phones. Two presidents, two wars, and a Star Wars Trilogy later, is it really news when some actress flashes her cans? Once the kids from the Disney Chanel (Vanessa Hudgens) are doing it, can we really call it shocking? Unless she is videotaped having a three way with Roman Polanski and Justin Bieber, color me unimpressed.