The Blair Witch Project helmer Eduardo Sanchez is going to restore the terrifying reputation of Bigfoot and undo the damage done to his legeacy by Harry and the Hendersons. Exists will be the first entry in a bigfoot trilogy that will, according to Sanchez, make "bigfoot scary again."

The film, like Blair Witch, will follow three twenty-somethings who spend the weekend in a wooded cabin, only to find that they're being hunted by the giant beast. Shooting begins in October, so casting should take place later this summer, but don't expect to be familiar with any of the names being bandied about - like Blair Witch, he's going after unknowns to keep the concept as "real" as possible.

It's not clear if Sanchez will be using the "found footage" technique that he helped make so popular or if this will be more of a traditional narrative, but provided he can give the monster some screen time and not keep us guessing like he did in Witch, and this sounds like a pretty inspired project. Here's to hoping Bigfoot does more than simply walk purposefully and glance to the side like he does in that one ubiquitous video.