A few days ago we saw Captain Jack Sparrow about to cry gentle tears in a new Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides poster. Now it's time to liven things up with somber ol' Blackbeard and that skull he's always carrying. The one he brings to parties as a hilarious ice breaker. Check out Disney's newly released poster below.

Ian McShane ("Deadwood") will play Johnny Depp's nemesis in the new installment of the Pirates series. At first, you might think Blackbeard's a badass, the way he carries around a skull. But maybe he's just a sad old actor, practicing for a Hamlet audition? Or maybe he loves his little skull and wants to protect it. That's why he's giving you a cold stare. He's saying, "stay away from my Skully, who I partially named after Agent Scully from 'The X-Files.' That was a great show. I wish the last movie was better." Depp's other rivals in the film include a bunch of zombie pirates, but they don't seem to carry human skulls, so they're not nearly as interesting to me.

You can watch Depp fight the whole lot of them May 20th. (Cinema Blend)