There are many things to fear about Facebook besides your mom creeping on your page. Say that you meet a girl and leave a flirty message on her wall and she leaves one on yours. Then you start poking one another, and it's all good. Eventually you grow bored and stop writing back. Then, you awake to find a reminder that it's your turn in Scrabble written on the bathroom mirror in lipstick. That's when you know you have a Facebook stalker.

Black Swan writer Mark Heyman is tapping into this fear in his new script XOXO. Currently shopping around town with Darren Aronofsky having accepted the friend request to produce, story centers on “a twentysomething man who meets a female contemporary on Facebook and begins a digital relationship with her, only to find the object of his affections take the relationship to an obsessed and stalker-y place.” So, like Swimfan but newer. (24 Frames)