Now that Marvel has become more involved in the development of their properties into films, expect to see, well, a ton more comic book movies. I wouldn't have thought it was possible either, but here we are. Most recently, Marvel has made an inspired choice in finding the screenwriter for the Black Panther's foray into film. They recently hired Mark Bailey, whose background is that of story editor for such lauded documentaries as Ghosts of Abu Ghraib and Pandemic: Facing AIDS. Kudos to Marvel for figuring out that, if they're not going to give audiences original stories, they can at least give them stories told in an original way. Or so we hope with this pleasantly strange hiring move.

For those not in the know about Marvel's second and third-tier heroes, Black Panther is an African king who has heightened senses, retractable claws, and weapon called the ebony blade. Awesome. You'll be happy to know that the character was developed in the 60's as a response to the growing Black Power movement. Double awesome. Wesley Snipes was slated to play the Black Panther in the mid-90's. Oops. That was a step backwards. Back down to one awesome.

This move will not come as a surprise to comic geeks who had noted in Iron Man 2 that a board showin the Avengers had a big mark on it in Africa, designating the Black Panther. For those of us without that level of, uh, dedication, let this article serve as notice. There's going to be a Black Panther movie. (Cinema Blend)