The two doppelgangers will star in Hatfields and McCoys as the patriarchs of the legendary feuding families. Costner will play Anse Hatfield, while Paxton plays Randall McCoy. The story behind the warring families is as such: The two men came home from the Civil War to set up right across the river from each other, one in Kentucky, and one in West Virginia. From that point on, they just flat-out rubbed each other the wrong way, initiating another civil war of sorts that would press on for decades, long after the death of the two men.

If you thought Costner's accent in Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves was bad, wait and see what he has in store for Appalachian-speak. Similarly, I'm really looking forward to seeing Bill Paxton eating a squirrel.

The film will be directed by Kevin Reynolds, who directed the fantastic Red Dawn, so don't be surprised if this film features Harry Dean Stanton being executed or C. Thomas Howell exploding. Actually, both of those events would still surprise me.