Bill Murray To Play FDR Because They’re Both So Similar

Tuesday, March 29 by

If you don’t think that Bill Murray can play FDR, then you don’t realize what a goofy sense of humor Frankie had. Or what a great actor Murray is. Either way, you’re about to be proven wrong. Dead wrong. Sorry. That last part was gratuitous.

Murray continues to baffle everyone by signing on to play the iconic president in Roger Mitchell’s recently announced Hyde Park on the Hudson, a film that, set in a weekend in upstate New York, will shed some light on both his presidency, and the fact that he may have been banging out his cousin, Margaret Stuckley. If her body is half as sexy as her name, we’re in for a treat!

What does this mean regarding Ghostbusters 3? It means that Bill Murray is playing our nation’s greatest president and you should stop worrying about Ghostbusters 3 for three goddamn minutes. (Vulture)

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