There's always someone cooler than you, unless you're Bill Murray, in which case you are permanently on top of the coolness food chain. For example, Murray recently busted the ghost of Packers legend Ray Nitschke at the Bears/Packers playoff match-up in Chicago. How'd he do it? Here's the story.

Matt Katrosar, a huge Packers fan, flew into Chicago to see the game. He was wearing his green jersey in the stands and didn't realize he was sitting in front of Wes Anderson's BFF. Matt was celebrating a good play for Green Bay, shouting and laughing, when all of a sudden:
"...he was blatantly shoved from behind. Turning to catch a glimpse of his assailant, he discovered his pusher was none other than Bill Murray, a huge Chicago Bears fan, who was unapologetically enjoying the moment. Matt’s friend managed to capture a photo of Murray in mid-celebration [it's on the left], laughing at the rival fans. Naturally, Matt wanted a picture with the legendary actor.

Murray’s response to his request? “Nitschke is a pussy.”

Bill Murray is a bartender, an angry football fan and shooting new movies? There are so many odd stories about Murray popping up somewhere randomly, it's led me to believe that he's like Andy Warhol - he's hired multiple people to pretend to be him, and spread the cool like an army of awesome. That's an army I will join immediately. An army called Stripes: The Army. (Filmdrunk and BlackbookMag)