Hey, Bill Hader's trying to keep secrets from us!! While making the press rounds for Paul, the comedian divulged that he's writing a project with"South Park" writer Vernon Chatman for producer Scott Rudin.

And that's about all he said. As he began to give away too much information, he added, “But I don’t know if I should talk about what it is.”

Oh, come on, man. We're not going to steal it. Whatever.

At least he gave up some info about House Of Joel, the horror comedy he was working on with Judd Apatow. Though he doesn't know exactly where the project is at, he gave some details about the plot:
“I play a guy who finds out that his girlfriend was basically a Laurie Strode-type [Jamie Lee Curtis' character] from Halloween. She’s been hiding the fact that 15 years ago she survived this horrible night and the way I find this out is that I inadvertently take her back to her home town as a surprise and reawaken all the evil. It’s kind of about getting over your girlfriend’s past kinda thing. It’s sort of like having to deal with, ‘You did what!?’”

That's exactly why I never surprise my girlfriend. That and thoughtlessness. (The Playlist)