Sony has scored the remake and sequel rights to the 2007 Japanese hit Big Man Japan. It will be interesting to see how they take such a distinctly Japanese property (he fights giant monsters a la Godzilla and Mothra) and completely whitewash it. Probably with Joseph Gordon-Levitt, but only time will tell.

Big Man Japan tells the story of the head of the Department of Monster prevention, who single-handedly grows to their size to fight monsters wreaking havoc in cities. Unfortunately, Big Man Japan seems to wreak as much havoc as the monsters do on the cities.

Unfortunately, it's unclear whether this remake will stay true to the Japanese setting (which seems to be much of the charm here), or if producer Neil Moritz will set it in Pittsburgh with Kevin James starring. Regardless the concept sounds pretty interesting, especially given the opportunity for the elusive "funny action/comedy." I'm anticipating a Big Man Japan vs. Hitch crossover right now.