At various points in your life, regular get bombarded with the same questions over and over and over. After high school it's, "Where are you going to college? What's your major? Are you excited?" After college it's "Where are you going to work? Are you excited?"

Apparently people are very interested in knowing our excitement levels, among other things. Now imagine you're one of the most iconic characters in a culturally important film. 25 years later, you'll still be dogged by the same questions over and over and over. Tom Wilson, who played Biff in Back to the Future, seems like a very nice, patient guy, but even he's looking for a way to dodge the questions.

And he found one with this postcard that he hands to fans to answer their questions. It seems to be a pretty innovative and nice solution. He answers the questions without having to dwell on them, the fans get a souvenir, and he gets a little publicity from the whole thing, while the fans also get a great story to tell.

I should print mine on a piece of fortune cookie paper.

"There is nothing interesting about me. Have a nice day."