Director Jon M. Chu has teamed up with Jason Blum and Bieber-discoverer/nut punch target Scooter Braun to look for boys and girls on the Internet. Wait. That sounds weird.

Because it is weird when three adult men try to meet young people online, the swaggy bros put together a video to explain their intentions -- adapting 1980's elongated toy commercial Jem for the big screen. The cartoon series followed the glam rock exploits of Jerrica Benton, a girl who transformed into sparkly frontwoman Jem with the aid of hologram-projecting earrings. Chu has mentioned he would modernize his adaptation so don't expect a plot as ridiculous. Then again, he did direct G.I. Joe: Retaliation, a movie about an imposter posing as the president and ninjas fighting along the face of a mountain range. So yes, do expect a plot that is ridiculous.

Have a look at their announcement video below. It's like they're not even treating this project seriously.