In Hollywood, it's sometimes about who you know. And screenwriter Daniel Kunka must know some pretty great negotiators, because his long sought-after spec script Agent Ox has been the subject of a bidding war which finally ended last night, with producer Neal Mortiz (who most recently produced The Green Hornet) spending 300,000 dollars from Sony Pictures' "discretionary fund" in order to beat studios like Paramount, DreamWorks, and Fox to the project. Wow, that was a really long sentence - any Hollywood types want to buy it? I could let it go for cheap.

Kunka previously wrote the John Cena vehicle 12 Rounds, so it's a little unclear on why there was such a mad dash to get the rights to Agent Ox. It could be the premise, which is about a "human spy on an alien planet," or it might be something magical in the script that made so many executives think this is going to be a hit. "Human spy on an alien planet," are you KIDDING me? I came up with that idea when I was 11. I should have been a screenwriter. (via The Playlist)