Bid On The Veclociraptor Cage From ‘Jurassic Park’. Jeff Goldblum Remains Off The Market.

Tuesday, January 28 by

The cage from Jurassic Park that held the velociraptors is now on sale via Ebay. Shoot. I hate it when I say everything I have to say in an article in the first sentence. Hmm.

The minimum bid is about $100,000, which is a lot of money for an item that people will just respond to with “Huh. How bout that?” But, reach people have a lot of money to spend on stupid things. It’s not exactly Rosebud the sled, but I guess that it’s a pretty neat thing to have. And if dinosaurs ever get cloned from DNA preserved in flies in amber, you won’t have to go cage shopping.

Well, you will if this is a fake cage and can’t hold a velociraptor. Which it most certainly is. Whatever. It’s a fake cage. Just buy it.

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