A fourth film version of A Star Is Born has been announced, and the players involved run from the obvious to the totally, mind-blowingly surprising. The female lead has been announced as Mrs. Jay-Z herself, Beyonce, which should surprise no one. Given her vocal stylings and her pedigree for musical performance on the big screen in Dreamgirls, she's an accesible, talented selection.

The announcement as Clint Eastwood as director of the musical is borderling jaw-dropping. He had earlier expressed an interest in working with more female-driven stories, but to do so in this capacity is shocking. He has proven capable of tackling most any genre in the book, but when examining the trio "Clint Eastwood, Beyonce, musical," one of those things is not like the others. Just hearing him say "Beyonce" in his next interview has me giggling already. Warner Bros. made the announcement today, but no word is available on the schedule or release dates, though rumors are shooting will start in the fall.

For those not familiar with the three previous iterations of A Star Is Born, the story is essentially a love affair between an alcoholic star in the twilight of their career and a young star on the rise. While no roles have been assigned with the casting news, it's a safe assumption that Beyonce will play the latter character, which begs the question of who will play the other role. Hugh Jackman is probably sitting by his phone right now with sweaty palms. (Deadline)