Saran wrap vendors rejoice! Dexter is getting renewed for two more seasons, with the next season, the series' seventh, beginning production in LA next year. Each season will consist of the standard twelve episodes, which should make for 20 or so grisly murders. Yay!

This news comes after season six has garnered the show's highest ratings yet, so it's hardly a surprise. However, the critical acclaim that Dexter enjoyed early on has waned, with detractors claiming that the later seasons lack purpose.

While staying relevant and compelling in later seasons is a struggle most shows must content with, Showtime series seem to have a particularly difficult time with it. Weeds, Dexter, and Californication have all dropped in quality as they went on, causing audiences to wonder if the shows were ever more than an interesting premise.

Well Dexter will have two more seasons to give us an answer on that. Let's just hope they dispatch this season's villains in short order, cause they kinda suck.