The crazy thing is that in Pimp Years, Rudy Ray Moore was actually 473 years old. I won’ break down the math, but just understand that all the beating women with coat hangers, trying to get your money, running the finest stable of hos this side of the Mississippi, and just gangsta-leaning that hard can age a brother. He died today, and we have lost a true hero.

Here's a bit of Rudy's work (NSFW):

Rudy Ray was basically the Lenny Bruce of Pimps, and is best known for his role in the movie Dolemite. He was technically a comedian according to his tax forms.  

The Washington Post said in a 1992 profile that Moore was "an astounding renderer of 'toasts,' -- elaborately boastful, profane and scatological tales of life in the old-style urban subculture of pimps, prostitutes, gamblers and badmen. His husky, down-home voice is ideal for it."

He was really more like the Bill Hicks of black comedy. His acts were too edgy and it kept him from gaining the mainstream approval of guys like Richard Pryor and Redd Foxx. In 2000 Moore starred in a comedy film made by Insane Clown Possee called Big Money Hustlas. Woah. 

Rudy was 81. Blacksploitation will never be the same. Now seriously bitch, where’s my money at?

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