Benjamin Walker & Bradley Cooper To Beef In ‘Paradise Lost’

Thursday, August 4 by

Based on Milton’s 17th Century poem, Alex Proyas‘s Paradise Lost will chronicle the sweeping war between good and evil after Lucifer is thrown out of Heaven and tries to claim the souls of mankind. Dick move, Bradley Cooper. Dick move. But not so fast. We have a Benjamin Walker here to stop you. The Benjamin Walker in question isĀ  Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter star, Benjamin Walker, who is in talks to join the project as the archangel Michael, the only angel powerful enough to fight his brother Lucifer.

With small appearances in Flags Of Our Fathers and Kinsey before freeing the slaves from vampire rule, this is a big role for Walker. Says Proyas of the film, “It’s not just armies battling in an epic war. This is an adventure about the origins of good and evil after Lucifer’s rebellion gets him cast out of Heaven and leads to a struggle with his brother archangel over the soul of mankind, starting with Adam and Eve. That is the scope of the narrative here, and we’ve tried to stay as faithful as possible to Milton’s text, particularly its focus on Lucifer’s evolution and the birth of evil. It’s a family saga, about a group on brothers, two in particular, who are on divergent paths, and Lucifer’s feelings of betrayal by his father and family that forge his descent into evil.”

Staying as faithful as possible to Milton’s text without switching the “s”‘s out for “f”‘s, of course. Man, history is a weird place. (Deadline)

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