If you want a villain who's gonna squint and smoke a lot on screen, you've got to go with Benicio Del Toro. Luckily, director Oliver Stone has got the Toro hookup, cause he's the latest to sign on for Stone's drug drama Savages. Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch are also cast.

The plot concerns Ben and Chon (Johnson and Kitsch), two Laguna marijuana makers who will not take a wacky trip to White Castle. Why leave the house when they both share a sexy girl named O? Unfortunately, like something out of the video games they no doubt play a lot of, O is kidnapped by a Mexican drug lord and are told they have to work for him if they want their "joint" girlfriend (see what I did there) back alive. Del Toro plays the drug lord's enforcer.

Based on a bestselling novel by Don Winslow, Stone is trying to setup a deal with Universal, though other studios are also interested in toking a bit of this crazy plot. (Deadline)