When the sexily-named Benedict Cumberbatch, dropped out of Joe Wright's Anna Karenina for and unknown scheduling conflict, nobody really batted an eye. We all just figured he was doing, "I don't know. Something British, I guess." But now, thanks to his "Sherlock Holmes" co-star Martin Freeman's ship-sinking lips, we know exactly what that unknown conflict is.

Cumberbatch will be sharing the screen with Freeman once again in... The Hobbit. I'm not sure what role Cumberbatch will be playing as his appearance was intended to be a secret, which I guess was news to the film's star when he run and told dat to Bleeding Cool. Now Freeman has told Digital Spy about the kind of heat he is worried he'll be taking.
“I knew I was a bigmouth, I didn’t know how much of a bigmouth, and I’ve ruined everything. And now I might not have a job to go back to!”

Oh, Martin. Of course you'll have a job to go back to. The Hobbit can't afford another setback.