The business of show has not been kind to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Over the years, the remake of the 1947 film has had more comedians circling it than Sarah Silverman's bed. When it was announced in April that Ben Stiller was now interested, there wasn't a lot of faith that it would get off the ground, but it looks like this sumbitch just might get made yet.

With Stiller attached, the studio set out to find a cinematic director to pair him with. Gore Verbinski was in the mix at one point but won't be able to take the gig due to his Lone Rangering this fall. No worries though because Fox has found their director and they didn't have to look any further than their leading man. That's right. Like a twitchy Ben Affleck, Ben Stiller will both direct and star in the new spin on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. The story centers on a lonely doormat of a man who escapes into his own epic fantasies. His life grows complicated, however, when his daydreams bubble over into real life and he must stand up to those who bully him. With Stiller so intimately involved, this film already sounds like a winner. Now, let's cast his dad and wife and call it a day. (Twitch)