Ben Stiller’s Red Hour production company has acquired the remake rights to Quantum Hoops, a 2007 documentary that tracked the CalTech basketball team as they entered their 21st season without a victory. Sounds like this project is ripe for the ole’ Dodgeball treatment. I could see either Vince Vaughn OR Owen Wilson playing the coach in this. I really could.

Once the CalTech team did score one in the win column, it was only a matter of time before someone scooped up the story and gave it the inevitable comedic/inspirational story that it has been begging for. It’s not known at this time whether Stiller will star in this project, but, let’s face it – he will.

The script will be written by Moneyball’s original screenwriter, Stan Chervin. Who, as was demonstrated can make Jonah Hill heartwarming, so the sky's the limit with this guy.