Ben Kingsley was left a raw, broken shell by the failure of his last comedy The Love Guru, but the veteran actor has found his strength and is ready to act zany again. He'll be joining Sacha Baron Cohen for his next probably hilarious but criminally underrated film The Dictator.

In the film, Baron Cohen stars in dual roles. One, as a heroic dictator who risks life and limb to ensure that democracy never comes to the country he rules over with an iron fist. The other, a goat herder. His Hugo Cabret bro (HuBRO CaBRO?) Ben Kingsley will play a Middle Eastern character who "factors into the plot." Oh good. I'd be really let down if his character didn't belong in the film. It would be weird if he were reading lines from the wrong script. Especially if that script were A Sound Of Thunder. Man, how can be knighted after appearing in so many turds??