Ben Foster, last seen blowing up all manner of shit in this month's The Mechanic, has been added to the cast of Fernando Meirelles' slightly more highbrow 360, a drama starring Anthony Hopkins and Rachel Weisz. The film, written by Peter Morgan, is inspired by Arthur Schnitzler's play Reigen, and will re team Meirelles' with Weisz for the first time since the two made 2005's The Constant Gardner.

Foster has proven himself to be a versatile talent as of late, taking on popcorn films like the third X-Men film as well as thoughtful indies like Oren Moverman's The Messanger. It's not every day that an actor goes from shooting everyone in the face with Jason Statham to making dramas with Oscar winning pedigree. That hasn't happened since Amy Smart went straight from Crank 2: High Voltage to her starring role in Precious. (Deadline)