Now that Ben Affleck made the town, he's the talk on the town. Director Town, that is. Population: Ben Affleck.

So Affleck's got his pick of Hollywood's finest projects, including one called Argo. Set in 1979 Iran, it's based on the real life story of a group of US diplomats who were disguised by the CIA as a sci-fi movie crew, in order to escape the Iranian occupation on the American embassy. That sounds pretty cool. Sort of like State and Main meets Ishtar, only not like that at all.

The following news may shock and amaze you, but George Clooney is attached to produce this political drama, because it ain't a political drama unless it's a Clooney-brand political drama. Writer Chris Terrio (Heights) based the film on an article in Wired magazine. That's why the end credits sequence will show you how to hack a Nintendo DS to play iPhone fart apps for no particular reason. (Collider)