Ben Affleck Taking ‘Argo’ Cast As Hostage

Tuesday, June 14 by

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For his next directorial project Argo, Ben Affleck is putting Daredevil behind him and going for realism. The drama centers around six US diplomat taken hostage by Iranians in 1979. In order to rescue them, the CIA teamed up with the Canadian government to locate the hostages, disguise them as a film crew and smuggle them out of Tehran. The “hostages” actually managed to escape the Iranian hostage-takers and holed up in the Canadian embassy as “house-guests” for 84 days.

In order for Affleck to achieve realism, he will require six actors to live together in a house for two weeks. Grueling. Could you imagine eating Poutine for nearly three months and only being allowed out to tan and workout? Just wait until SAG hears about this. (Vulture)

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