Thanks to The Town, Ben Affleck has put his history of terrible films in his rearview. He's already passed on directing Superman: Man Of Steel and Tales From The Gangster Squad and has The Trade in the scripting phase. Now, Sony has handed him the Black List approved script American Bullshit. Which I just found out is not the title of a Kid Rock album.

Affleck is said to be seriously considering helming the true story of Abscam, a workout video that promised but failed to give 1993 Americans rock hard abs in just seven minutes. Oops. No. Abscam was actually the FBI's 1980 undercover operation to root out corruption in Congress. It was devised by the world's best con man (natch), and led to eleven convictions. And we all know what happens to Congress guys in prison now, don't we? That's right. They take away their C-SPAN privileges.

If there's one thing Affleck has learned is that he needs to be more choosey when picking projects, so this is far from a lock. With Oscar buzz growing, it is likely he's biding his time. In related news, J.Lo continues to suck. (Deadline)