I think a lot of dudes don’t like Ben Affleck because he’s so successful. He won an Oscar for co-writing Good Will Hunting, has starred in some blockbusters (and some flops), and did a good job with his directorial debut in Gone Baby Gone.  Now he’s back at making us feel unsuccessful by writing and directing a new Warner Brothers flick.

Here is the description of the book from which the movie is being adapted, as quoted by /Film:

The men wear masks. Their guns are drawn on the bank manager. She nervously recites the alarm code, and the tumblers within the huge vault fall. The timing and execution are brilliant. It could be the perfect heist. But as the huge sum of cash is stolen, so too is one man’s heart — and that man is the Prince of Thieves…

The title of the movie is , and like a lot of projects Affleck is involved in, takes place in Massachusetts. I’m guessing they had to change the title so there wasn’t any confusion with the Kevin Costner Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves movie that was made famous because it had a Bryan Adams song that was played at middle school dances throughout the world.

As you can tell from the quote, it’s really a love story wrapped in a heist movie.  Any bank robber knows that the first rule of bank robbing is to not fall in love with the branch manager, no matter how nice of a power suit she’s wearing. Wait, that’s the second rule. The first rule is to execute the first hostage that makes eye contact with you so that nobody tries to be a fucking hero, you hear me? Just put the money in the bag and nobody gets hurt.

Hollywood Reporter sounded the alarm.