Be Prepared To Get Uncomfortably Close With Jar Jar Binks

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We know The Phantom Menace isn’t the Star Wars movie you want to see in 3D, but are you really surprised? George Lucas has always said he intended the films to be in this order, so now he gets to re-release them starting with Episode I. (But parents, seriously show your kids IV – VI first.)

The technical team who worked on Mars Needs Moms also had a hand in the first Star Wars prequel. At the press junket for Mars, ILM character animator Huck Wirtz said there are a lot of ships to whiz by your face in 3D.

“George loves to bring things past the camera so much, like in the space battles,” Wirtz said. “I’m sure all that’s going to be great.”

So if you have to sit through Phantom Menace again, at least it will be interactive. Visual effects production designer Doug Chiang said the 3D would work both ways. “When we were actually working on that film, 3D was always a secondary thought,” Chiang said. “But a lot of the shots, in terms of how George directs, are really immersive in that way.”

Stereoscopic supervisor Anthony Shafer is actually working on the 3D conversion. He can’t talk specifics, but suggested we think about the scope of those elaborate scenes in which Jar Jar is dancing through the shot.

“Just generally, the compositions that George chose are wide and panoramic and somewhat of a feast for the eyes and very first person perspective,” Shafer said. “That movie plays really well in that.”

The Phantom Menace in 3D attacks theaters February 10, 2012.

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  1. March 6, 2011 10:14 am


    Why won’t jar jar die?

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