The L.A. Times is reporting cinematic darlings Jesse Eisenberg and Noah Baumbach are working on reuniting for While We're Young, which the paper describes as "an intergenerational couples drama," and I would subsequently describe as "a very dry film with more than a dash of pretension."

Eisenberg could be compelled to pursue this project out of nothing more than obligation, as it was Baumbach that gave him his break in 2005's The Squid and the Whale. Eisenberg's role was previously supposed to go to (who else?) James Franco, but when it was determined that Franco wasn't capable of creating 400 clones of himself to complete all the projects to which he was attached, the role went back up for grabs.

No attributable sources are confirming the rumors, but it's the type of casting decision you just makes sense. Like the entire Travolta clan getting cast in Gotti. No. Wait. The opposite of that.