According to The Hollywood Reporter, Watchmen screenwriter Alex Tse has been hired on to write the adaptation of "Battling Boy" for Brad Pitt's Plan B and Paramount. 

"Battling Boy" is a graphic novel written and illustrated be Paul Pope, and is due to be published by First Second Books in the spring of 2010.  It is the story of the "son of a god who comes down from the top of a mountain... to rid the giant, continent-sized city of Monstropolis of a plague of beasts."  Check out some original artwork from the world of "Battling Boy" here.

Tse has been the king of big screen adaptations recently...

He has two projects at Warner Brothers, including a live action version of Ninja Scroll and The Illustrated Man, which is a new look at Ray Bradbury stories.  The former is for DiCaprio's Appian Way and the latter is for director Zack Snyder.  He is also working on the script for Frankie Machine, an adaptation of The Winter of Frankie Machine.  Robert DeNiro is slated to star and Michael Mann to direct.