Batman’s Got A New Lady Friend… and Foe?

Tuesday, January 11 by

The Dark Knight Rises. Oh man, that joke deserves to be followed by a bicycle horn.

Rumor has it — and since director Christopher Nolan keeps all Batman scripts and information in a vault, inside a bigger vault, inside a crocodile, inside his private backyard zoo, inside an underground tunnel guarded by lasers, take these rumors with a big grain of salt — that two of the new female leads have been cast. Eva Green and Naomi Watts have supposedly been cast as Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter Talia and reporter Vicki Vale, whose character was featured in Tim Burton’s Batman.

There’s also gonna be a sleeker, but still weapons-packing new Batmobile in the film. It might just be available as an action figure too, if we all wish hard enough on the same magical star. Oh, and if you read the leaked script that went around the internet, that’s apparently a fake. No wonder the villains in that script were Dick Dastardly and his dog Muttley from the Wacky Races. The scene where Batman has sex with Penelope Pitstop was pretty great though.

Shooting will almost certainly begin this May, with post production starting in November. (Collider)

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