As we all know, the most frightening, scariest battles among superpowers are those to take control of premiere summer release dates. Early May is generally considered the summer kickoff, and a big film usually accompanies that time frame. For 2016, both Batman V. Superman and Captain America 3 were both laying claim to it.

Well, after the success of Guardians of the Galaxy this week, which was dwarfed only by the success of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, DC Comics has laid down its sword, falling back to a REALLY early March 25th release date.

Does this mean that DC Comics and the powers that be over there are all a bunch of pussies?

Yes. They're scared of a guy with a shield. Totally lame. I mean, DC has Batman and Superman, and I think in two years, we're going to be so sick of Marvel films that there will be riots in the theaters (don't hold me to that).

So, Marvel wins, Captain America gets to send out a save the date, and the other movie will premiere when America is snowboarding and shotgunning beers on spring break.