Colton Harris-Moore is ready to give back. The Barefoot Bandit was captured in July of 2010 after a two year crime spree when police in the Bahamas shot out the engine of a stolen boat which he was using to allude capture. I love this kid. And so does Hollywood. Colton-Moore has signed a movie deal with 20th Century Fox for $1.3 million that he will use to repay his victims.
"I did things that were not only a violation of law, but also of trust," Harris-Moore said a written statement released by his attorneys. "I can't undo what I did. I can only try to make things better."

He said he wanted the statement to be read by the people of Camano Island and the San Juan Islands, "where I was born and raised."

He said he would only sign if his victims would be repaid.

"I am humbled to know I can now help the people I hurt, at least for the financial damage I caused them," Harris-Moore wrote. "I have absolutely zero interest in profiting from any of this and I won't make a dime off it. It all goes to restitution. That's what I insisted on from the beginning and the contract I signed guarantees it."

Colton-Moore is currently working on a script about his incredibly metal story with Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black. As his lawyer comments, "Nobody knows the nitty-gritty of Colton's story." I look forward to learning all of the details. Now go put on some shoes, hippy. (THR)