To follow up on our piece yesterday, Javier Bardem has now personally confirmed that he has been offered the villain role in the 23rd James Bond installment. But don't expect a decision too soon. He's waiting to read the script to make a decision on whether or not to take the part. Here's the tricky part - the script's not done. A draft has been floating around, but the producers aren't completely on board with the draft as is, so some tweaking is being done.

So when can we expect a decision from Bardem? Well, whenever the script is finished, then maybe three hours later if he's a fast reader, or six hours later if he's a slow reader. Seeing as how he seems to be a very smart guy, but English isn't his first language, I would put the window in the three-and-a-half to four-hour range.

Bond enthusiasts have a reason to be optimistic, as director Sam Mendes has conveyed to Bardem the dynamic between Bond and this particular villain, and it sounds a little more complex than "good guy vs. inexplicably evil guy." So even if Bardem doesn't get on board, fans of the franchise can expect a little more depth in the relationship between Bond and his nemesis. (Collider)