Banksy’s Drawing Crap On Walls In Hollywood Now

Wednesday, February 16 by

Banksy really wants that Oscar. So much so that he’s willing to visit the Sunset Strip. The masked artist (or someone else entirely) is continuing to campaign for the award by stenciling cheeky images onto random walls in the Los Angeles area. I’m not sure how this earns one an Oscar but it would explain why I saw Jennifer Lawrence stocking up on spray paint at Pearl Paint.

What these new West Coast pieces (above and below) indicate however, is that Banksy fully intends to show up at the Oscars. Whether he accepts the statue in disguise or not remains to be seen. Perhaps he’ll unveil his true identity. We all know it’s you, James Franco. (Movieline)

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  1. February 16, 2011 9:59 am


    condom robot jude law is everywhere.

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