Doesn't it just grind your gears when you order a large buttered popcorn from the theater, but find that the popcorn isn't completely covered in butter when you get to the nether regions of the bucket?

Bradley Cimo of Baja Innovations f*cking hates it when that happens. In fact, here's what he said was the impetus for his new invention, the Flavor Funnel:
Myself and friends and a million other people have always been disgusted by how the butter runs out once you get down to the middle of the popcorn. This helps distribute the butter more evenly.

He's DISGUSTED by this phenomenon. The thought of not having the lowest depths of his popcorn covered in artificial butter revolts him. But Bradley Cimo is a man of action, so rather than complain, he has taken arms against a sea of unbuttered troubles, and by opposing, will end them.

The Flavor Funnel is a plastic funnel-ish tube that runs down the middle of your popcorn, with holes scattered throughout, so that it may gently weep butter throughout. I'm glad that Mr. Cino is addressing this underbuttering problem head-on, as a large popcorn buttered in the traditional method doesn't contain more than 1600 or 1700 calories, so this should be an innovation welcomed by not only theatergoers, but angioplasty balloon manufacturers and companies that make prosthetic feet for diabetics.

Actually, the Flavor Funnel addresses that question right here, saying that the goal of the Flavor Funnel is to maximize flavor using the same amount (or less) butter, though I would say that a device that presupposes that you should stick your popcorn under a buttere machine for 20 seconds might not be considered a harbinger of health.

May your song never die, Bradley Cino.