‘Bad Santa’ Duo Reteam for Filthy Buddy Cop Comedy

Wednesday, December 8 by

John Requa and Glen Ficarra, the screenwriters who first broke out in 2003 with the dirty and hilarious Bad Santa, are tossing their hats back in the hard R comedy game with an untitled buddy cop picture they’ve described as a cross between “Letha Weapon and Bad Santa.” The duo shied away from the raunchy stuff after Bad Santa with their script for Richard Linklater‘s Bad News Bears, and recently had a stint behind the camera directing their script for the just released Jim Carrey/Ewan McGregor comedy I Love You Phillip Morris, but the two are excited to return to the inspired naughtiness of their debut. Requa was quoted as saying, “We owe one to those people [who loved ‘Santa’]. Since ‘Bad Santa,’ we haven’t written for them.” Finally, another movie for degenerate weirdo drunks with potty mouths and midget sidekicks. I’ve felt so unfulfilled. (ThePlaylist)

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