You can have two or three superheroes tops fighting an android. And since The Avengers is an entire team, it only makes sense that the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron is adding more bad guys for the heroes to throw things at. Dracula's Thomas Kretschmann has signed on to play a secondary villain to James Spader's Ultron. Mostly because Avengers: Age of Nazis seemed more difficult to market outside of Europe.

He'll play the evil Nazi, Baron Wolfgang von Strucker, who leads Hydra whenever the Red Skull is busy being sucked off into alternate dimensions. In the film, von Strucker is set up as a foil to Captain America who just really hates the sh*t out of Nazis.  Meanwhile, let's assume that Iron Man and the Hulk will have their hands full fighting the robot while Hawkeye shoots arrows at the Hydra henchmen. It's unconfirmed if there are roles for more villains in the film. If so, the guy from Grimm will surely be insulted if Marvel doesn't call. (The Wrap)