They got this one off the ground quickly.

Producer Don Murphy has divulged that Guillermo del Toro's next directorial project, At The Mountains Of Madness, will begin this June with Tom Cruise attached to star.

Based off the H.P. Lovecraft novel, the story tells of a team of scientists who awaken monsters in Antartica. And since it's Lovecraft, you can bet that they will be tentacle monsters. And since it's del Toro, you can bet that they will be covered in eyeballs.

June seems a little early to begin filming, as we haven't been beaten over the head with news of casting shortlists and labor union strikes. Can a movie this big be put together quietly? My guess is that filming is a ways off still but will keep you updated on the actors that Tom Cruise will try to pull out of the grasp of eyeball-covered tentacle monsters. (io9)