Guardians of the Galaxy proved to Marvel that they can score a hit even without a title with a large built-in fan base. The brand has become the draw. Collider reports that the studio is moving forward with plans of bringing another group of cosmic superheroes to the big screen with The Inhumans. It's reported that there's already a script from an in-house Marvel writer while the studio is surely making arrangements to attach a director.

There's also a rumor swirling that Vin Diesel might get involved. Over the weekend, Diesel posted on Facebook, "I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I'm Inhuman... Haha." That's not really that funny Vin but that's okay because we really only like you for your muscles.

Having already voiced Groot in Guardians, it's unclear if Diesel will act with his body this time. Or even be involved at all. This isn't the first time he's caused speculation via his Facebook page. Should he be involved, however, there's a perfect workaround built in to The Inhumans that would allow him to play two characters in the Marvel Universe without any confusion. The group's leader, Blackbolt, never speaks due to his destructively-powerful voice. Much like Diesel.